Do you have a "friend" on Facebook or Instagram that you have never met? Based on their profile, you know where they went to school, what year they graduated, if they're married, how many kids they have, what career they currently hold, and maybe even what they did last Friday Night. Social psychologist would say you don't know this person, you know about them. They would expand this idea of knowing and knowing about, by using the term "impersonal knowledge" and "personal knowledge. 

Impersonal knowledge could mean that you're acquainted with someone. You could recognize them, and be able to smoothy enter into a conversation with them based on the information you know. However, it might feel awquard or even be a little strange. According to psychology, Personal knowledge, to know someone well, is to know information that is particularly intimate or private.

NorthPark Church, Meridian, MS is located in the Bible Belt. In a lot of ways, we have a pretty overt Christian culture. Although there is growing hostility nationally, and we're viewed as growingly abnormal, by and large, most people think we're Christians here. And there are a lot of wonderful things about living in the Bible Belt, but there are concerns: Because of the culture we live in, the concern is that many of us have more of an impersonal relationship than we do a personal relationship with Jesus.